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Zra and ㄬomeder released for UTAU/OpenUTAU! + Ascenia.EXE Updates

Big day for robots! (And gnomes) Hello Everyone! Today we have released voicebanks for Zra, ㄬomeder, and Ascenia.EXE! These are Zra and ㄬomeder’s first ever song voicebanks, and they mark another expansion to our ever-growing roster of characters! Zra (UTAU) by Dunder-P Ascenia.EXE + ㄬomeder (UTAU/ENUNU) by Dunder-P Who’s ㄬomeder? If you’ve kept up with […]

Z Idol Talker Beta Release + v1.0.1β Update

Character Driven TTS Software from Z Vocal Project! Z Idol Talker by Dunder-P Hello everyone, if you’ve checked our website at all in the past month you might already be aware this is out, but if not, we released our new text to speech software “Z Idol Talker” on November 9th 2023! The program was […]