Z Idol Talker Has Been Discontinued as of 7/4/2024

We are currently working on a concat-based TTS system for us to use in game engines as we do not really see the appeal in AI-based TTS Systems. Z Idol Talker was a fun experiment, but it didn’t really break any grounds and I didn’t really see a point in keeping it up anymore. If you still want the engine send and email with what you need it for.
If you were planning on making a voicebank for the program, or have any of the Z Vocal Project characters’ models downloaded, Piper still exists. Z Idol Talker was just a GUI, and it was relatively far behind the main branch so you’ll actually have more features if you use it like this.
The main catalyst for this being discontinued now instead of when the new system is ready was finding out that we needed permission from Aquest to distribute one of the voicebanks even though it was non-commercial (I genuinely thought the license said it was okay to distribute non-commercial derivatives but apparently its required for distribution in general. I will not make this mistake again in the future.).