Zra and ㄬomeder released for UTAU/OpenUTAU! + Ascenia.EXE Updates

Big day for robots! (And gnomes)

Hello Everyone! Today we have released voicebanks for Zra, ㄬomeder, and Ascenia.EXE! These are Zra and ㄬomeder’s first ever song voicebanks, and they mark another expansion to our ever-growing roster of characters!

Who’s ㄬomeder?

If you’ve kept up with us in recent months, you may know ㄬomeder as a joke bank we released for Z Idol Talker back in November. What you may not know is that ㄬomeder’s talk voicebank was recorded after the data for this voicebank. While we may still release the CVVC version of the bank, we decided to go ahead with releasing a simplified CV version of it for the time being.
Under the same logic, Ascenia.EXE has received properly OTO’d CV versions of her CVVC Beta voicebanks so that she’ll finally have something usable. With the release of these voicebanks, we have officially adopted our Zealous Villain Project design for her as the product mascot. Please be aware that she still is not canon to Z Vocal Project.
We have also made the decision to lump ㄬomeder under Ascenia’s commercial license for convenience and since they are both lore/joke voicebanks. We have not raised their license price at all.

Who’s Zra?

Zra (Pronounced like Zee-ra, Jira, and Zedra depending on who’s referring to her) is one of the core members of the Z Music Club! She is a robot sent from the future, but is unable to tell people why she’s here from the future, instead diving herself into idol culture.
Being a robot, Zra doesn’t have a voice of her own, and instead swaps around “cores”, voicebanks she’s created from the environment around her. This is the concept behind the voicebanks we’ve released for her today, as they all are made up of vowel data created outside of traditional human vocals.

The first drop of Zra CV consists of the following cores

  • Cattone
    • Vowel data originates from a sample of a cat meowing
  • Trumpetone
    • Vowel data originates from a sample of a trumpet being played
  • Hachitone
    • Vowel data originates from an 8-bit shooting sound effect.

Please note that Zra is not purely made up of these samples/purely synthetic, and instead uses spliced consonant data from Dunder_Haru and Ascenia CVVC. Vocals like these have existed for years and I do not claim this idea to be original, I simply thought it’d fit her character better.

If Zra ever gets a professional voicebank she will probably be given an actual voice provider, however Z Vocal Project is not at that stage yet so let’s get goofy with her for a bit eh? I plan to release a few more cores for her in the future, most notably “Paintone” whose name is the originator for the entire concept behind this voicebank. This is some classic ZVP stuff but Zra’s full name was originally Paintone Zra (Paint sound Zra), and I’ve chosen to carry that over as the voicebank name for this project as it seemed fitting.

What’s Next?

Ngl I’ve been super busy with internship stuff, so idk when any of this will happen. There is a Zra core based off of a creature in an upcoming game I’m working on but I need to actually talk to the person who made the sound effect to see what its origin was and if they’re cool with releasing it.
Ethel and Ambrose might get CV voicebanks, and if that happens, the two of them, ㄬomeder, Ascenia, and Zra will all be getting Diffsinger+ voicebanks like Lain and Dunder got some time ago.
My birthday/Dunder’s 7th anniversary is also coming up, I have a cover using an alpha diffsinger voicebank scheduled already, but will see if I have the time to finish the OTO for Dunder_Solstice as well.

That’s all for now, Bye Bii~