Fuuka Shigi is a boastful girl who will take nothing less than the absolute best. Fuuka has a large social media following which she’s maintained since before she even joined the Z Music Club.

On stage she’s known for having a cute and airy voice and for her hair that will suddenly glitter green as if by magic. It’s said that by seeing her perform live just once you’ll be cured of any ailments you may be carrying.

Character Info

Character information pertains to Z Vocal Project lore, feel free to disregard it.

Name: Fuuka Shigi
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 17
Character Item: #Fuuka_ZVP


Upcoming Voicebanks

Fuuka Shigi (S!ckBeta) & Fuuka Shigi – 💚 Append (S!ckBeta)
A pair of temporary CV Utau voicebanks for Fuuka until a permanent VA can be found, one normal and one “cute”. I’m calling these S!ckBetas cause I think it sounded cool when I made it up 5 minutes ago. These are brand new recordings by me (Dunder) that through a mix of voice acting, pitch shifting, and formant shifting, are about what I’d want Fuuka to sound like in the future. The normal bank has had it’s first pass of OTOing so it’ll hopefully be out soon it’s just really buggy cause of all the editing orz.

??? Voicebanks

Fuuka Shigi (S!ckBeta) (Z Idol Talker)
Basically Ascenia.EXE for Z Idol Talker was originally a Fuuka Shigi voicebank, but because the Ascenia voicebank would not train correctly and I’m only voicing Fuuka temporarily, I gave that voicebank to Ascenia. Fuuka could still get one of I get better at doing a girl voice or find a VA. In the mean time you can use Ascenia’s for her if so desired.

Art Gallery

Song Outfit
School Uniform

Merch featuring Fuuka

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