Herald Adams, more commonly referred to as Herculo, is an adventurous boy with a strong desire for the world to be more interesting. He can often be seen walking around town wielding a dagger/microphone combination he’s deemed “The Great Dagger Micules” searching for enemies to defeat.

Herculo is known for literally never messing up during his performances, consistently hitting high notes that seem impossible for his range, and never tiring out no matter how long he performs for. It’s almost as if reality itself warps to fit his desires.

Character Info

Character information pertains to Z Vocal Project lore, feel free to disregard it.

Name: Herald “Herculo” Adams
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Birthday: October 29th
Age: 16
Character Item: Micules
Art Tag: #HeraldAdams_ART


Upcoming Voicebanks

Herald Adams Classic+
If I ever get an Nvidia computer or the notebooks come back online I will take HerculoxXxCalm and make a Diff-SVC bank out of him, I am not intending to be his VA in the future though.

Retired Voicebanks

The first recorded Herculo voicebank and potentially the first released (I can’t remember if his naming was retroactive). He was a CV voicebank I recorded when I was sick and my microphone was peaking the entire time. The effect the peaking gave it is why it got the name Radio. Herculo was retired when I decided I wasn’t gonna voice the character anymore and wanted to free up space on the site
HerculoxXxCalm (Released Oct 29th 2016)
The second recorded Herculo voicebank, it also could’ve been the first released and xXxRadio was added after, I truly do not know. He was a CV voicebank I recorded after realizing xXxCalm didn’t sound good. His now privated demo was released Oct 29th 2016, which is likely when he was released if it wasn’t it was probably 9/26 and I just didn’t post about it. (Dunder_CV was being rerecorded at the time but yeah he does predate him release wise cause Dunder was originally something else)

Art Gallery

Merch featuring Herculo

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