ㄬomeder (pronounced Gnomeder) is a gnome that’s been frequently spotted around Zealton and occasionally spotted in other areas of Delta.
Many onlookers have noticed the gnome’s resemblance to Dunder, but the Z Music Club denies any connection to this gnome.

Character Info

Character information pertains to Z Vocal Project lore, feel free to disregard it.

Name: Gnomeder
Gender: Assumedly Male
Birthday: First spotted on November 9th
Pronouns: ?
Age: ?
Art Tag: #ㄬomeder_ART


Download on Itch.IO

ㄬomeder’s TTS voicebank is included on the download page for Z Idol Talker.

Released Voicebanks

ㄬomeder (Released November 9th 2023)
English piper model formatted for use in Z Idol Talker. This model was made as a test and could use more data/training. This will only occur if there is demand.

Upcoming Voicebanks

ㄬomeder CVVC (Name Pending)
A Japanese CVVC voicebank. Fully recorded.

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