Z Idol Talker Patch Notes

v1.1.0β (3/3/2023)

  • Optimized Code
  • Added handling for “Grandpa” and “Granny” voice types
  • Voicebanks are now loaded by clicking anywhere on them in the selector panel as opposed to just their icon.
  • Lip Flap System
    • By adding banner_open.png to your voice bank’s theme files, the mouth of the character’s banner image will open and close based on how load the voicebank speaks at a given instance
  • Idolgotchi System
    • Based on an idea that was thrown around in a Maghni AI dev stream, I just thought it’d be fun to add to this to go along the lip flap system.
    • By pressing the “Idolgotchi” button you can now feed voicebanks a variety of foods and see their reactions.
    • There are a total of 5 foods, by default these fall into “Sweet”, “Sour”, “Bitter”, “Salty”, and “Savory”
      • By adding a file named food.txt, you can add 1 custom dialogue line per each food. By default the dialogue is generic.
        • Line 1 is Sweet, Line 2 is Sour, Line 3 is Bitter, Line 4 is Salty, Line 5 is Savory
      • By adding an 80×80 png with the same name as the default taste (Same as above, you should ideally match the “Taste” to that taste’s line of custom dialogue)
  • Updated the following voicebanks to version 1.1
    • Ascenia
      • Added Idolgotchi Dialogue
    • Defoko English
      • Added Idolgotchi Dialogue
      • Added Idolgotchi Images
  • Added the following voicebanks (1.0)
    • Ambrose
      • A rough old man voice (voiced by Dunder)
    • Ethel
      • My genuine attempt at an old lady voice (voiced by Dunder)
    • Dunder
      • A more natural English Dunder voicebank when compared to Dunder_Announcer.
  • Released Mac and Linux Builds
    • I cannot test these

Update unrelated to main program (1/22/2023)

-Took down “Ported” and “CC-BY-SA 4.0” voicebanks to focus on 1st party banks.

v1.0.1β (11/10/2023)

-Fixed issue where exporting audio only exported the first line and would play the remainder within the program.

-Fixed horrid noise rendered when punctuation was paired with a line break

-Fixed issue of accessibility mode and ask output location buttons always showing as false when loading a new voicebank, regardless of the actual setting.

-Fixed issue with export audio naming convention where voicebanks with logos appended the name “Defoko”

v1.0β (11/9/2023)

Initial Release of Z Idol Talker