About US

What is Z Vocal Project?

Z Vocal Project is a game development company with a desire to combine gaming with vocal synthesis technology. We’ve been around since 2016 and have no plans of stopping any time soon.

Our current project focuses upon the Z Music Club, a high school idol group with a mysterious aura about them. We are currently working on their first game and plan to release professional singing synthesis banks based on each character over the next few years. Please stay tuned for updates.

Staff/People We’re Working With

For layout reasons these two sections are combined. This will be changed in the future, but for the time being please take note that Mcki and Peach are NOT Employees of Z Vocal Project.

Dunder-P – Owner

Benjamin, more commonly known by his producer name of Dunder-P, is the creator and owner of Z Vocal Project.
He has an associate’s in computer information systems, and is nearing completion of his bachelor’s in game design and development.
(I am currently the only actual person formally working at Z Vocal Project. But I’m looking to change that.)

Mcki Robyns-P – Music Producer

Mcki is a Vocaloid producer from Australia. Mcki will likely be commissioned to do some demos in the future.
Mcki was the original voice provider for Dawn and has been a supporter of Z Vocal Project over it’s existence.

Pencil Peach

Pencil Peach – Artist

Peach is a Nigerian artist with a sizeable following on twitter. Peach is currently doing the art for a new Dunder UTAU bank, and may be involved in other projects in the future.

Contact Us

You can use this form to contact us or email [email protected] We’ll do our best to reply to you within a few business days.