Z Vocal Project “Dunder” End-User License Agreement

                   (Last Revision April 22nd 2024)

Upon purchase of the license of Z Vocal Project “Dunder” and it’s proper registration through the google form, the user, while in accordance with the terms below, is granted limited commercial use of the following voicebanks:

  1. Dunder_Intercalaris α
  2. Dunder_Intercalaris AI Beta
  3. Dunder_Pocket
  4. Dunder_Pocket II
  5. Dunder_Eon
  6. Dunder_CV Act II
    1. Dunder_CV Act II is a catch-all term for the following voicebanks:
      1. Dunder_CV Act II Complete 
      2. Dunder_Haru Act II
      3. Dunder_Natsu Act II
      4. Dunder_Aki Act II
      5. Dunder_Fuyu Act II
      6. Dunder_Genesis Act II
  7. Dunder_Genesis_VCV TalkBeta
  8. Dunder_CV+ ~Proof of Concept~

These voicebanks are only considered to be okay to use commercially under this license if they are downloaded from the official distribution page: https://dunderhyphenp.itch.io/dunder-utau. Z Vocal Project “Dunder” voicebanks downloaded from other sources, especially in the event they differ from the currently offered Z Vocal Project “Dunder”, are not eligible for commercial use.

An exception is made for Dunder_Pocket and Dunder_Pocket II, which are not intended to be downloadable and must only be used on Kits.ai. If the user finds a way to download these voicebanks their license is considered immediately revoked and they will not be compensated for this action.

Z Vocal Project “Dunder” voicebanks must be used as is in their intended programs, though an exception is made if editing the oto.ini of a voicebank. Using the sample data of a voicebank or the output of a voicebank to create another voicebank is explicitly forbidden. (For example, you cannot train an RVC voicebank on Dunder_Haru Act II’s raw wav data nor on data exported from use in OpenUTAU).

The output of Z Vocal Project “Dunder” voicebanks should also not be used as input data for voice changing models if the model was not made consensually. The generated work is still bound by this license, even if Z Vocal Project “Dunder” is not recognizable in the final work.

Works created using Z Vocal Project “Dunder” voicebanks should avoid containing long stretches in which only raw output of the voicebank is heard.

Z Vocal Project “Dunder” voicebanks may not be redistributed by the user.

Z Vocal Project “Dunder” voicebanks must be used within public morals. “Dunder” the mascot for Z Vocal Project “Dunder” can be used in accordance with the following character usage policy as long as the commercial use conditions are also met: https://www.dunder-p.com/character-usage-policy/

Under no circumstance should NSFW imagery of the character Dunder be created or used to accompany works created using Z Vocal Project “Dunder” voicebanks. Safe For Work imagery of Dunder can also not be used if the work itself is still NSFW. Works using Z Vocal Project “Dunder” voicebanks also cannot accompany AI Generated Imagery. 

The user may use all artwork found on Dunder’s character page on the Z Vocal Project website to accompany works that utilize Z Vocal Project “Dunder” voicebanks, as long as the work is in compliance with the rest of the license.

Z Vocal Project reserves the right to request the takedown of any and all works created using Z Vocal Project “Dunder” voicebanks even if the work is non-commercial or follows all of the rules below. The user agrees to take down their work upon request or risk their license being rescinded.

When publishing a work utilizing Z Vocal Project “Dunder” voicebanks, the user must state that they are using Z Vocal Project “Dunder”, either by using the voicebanks full name, or shortening the name to “Dunder”. Under no circumstance should the voicebank be credited as “Dunder-P”, “Ben” or “Benjamin”.

Commercial use of Z Vocal Project “Dunder” voicebanks is okay when the following conditions are met:

  1. The user has purchased the  Z Vocal Project “Dunder” license and filled out the following form with their serial code: https://forms.gle/67HeZgGPh4SgEffJA.
  2. Revenue made using output of Z Vocal Project “Dunder” voicebanks does not exceed $10,000 in a single year.
    1. If making over this amount, the user must reach out to Z Vocal Project to attain additional licensing.
    2. For music distributed via Distrokid, sending a 10% split to [email protected] can be done in stead of additional licensing, up to $1,000,000.
  3. When publishing works utilizing one or more Z Vocal Project “Dunder” voicebanks to streaming services, “Dunder” must be credited as a featured artist and when possible link to official pages. 
    1. Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/dunder/1692016540 
    2. Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2sFlXJR0ooHEJs3CqjB8u6?si=Cljhel1sSk-5dzaHgzR8GA
    3. Works with Dunder erroneously listed as an Album Artist will be removed from his page.

The user by agreeing to this license understands that no guarantee of quality of usability for Z Vocal Project “Dunder” is guaranteed and that Z Vocal Project is not liable for any loss or damage caused by using Z Vocal Project “Dunder” voicebanks.

The user understands that Z Vocal Project is not responsible for any claims, damages, liabilities, costs, or fees that may arise from using Z Vocal Project “Dunder” voicebanks. Under no circumstance will Z Vocal Project’s liability exceed the price Z Vocal Project “Dunder” Commercial License was purchased for.

The user understands that Z Vocal Project may update and change parts of, or the entirety of, this license with no prior warning, and they are expected to comply with the latest version of this license.