Dunder_Mercedonius (Art by Pencil Peach!)


Dunder is the enigmatic head of the Z Music Club. Not much is known about the boy, as it appears all mentions of his identity have been scrubbed from public record. He is often seen wearing an OLED Mask, that typically displays nothing but a question mark.

Dunder very rarely makes on stage appearances, let alone ones in which he sings. Most simply describe his voice as normal or not something they’d commit to memory.

Character Info

Character information pertains to Z Vocal Project lore, feel free to disregard it.

Name: Dunder
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 16
Character Item: OLED Mask


Download On Itch.Io

The download page for released Dunder voicebanks is over on Itch.io. License purchases will also take place there when the time comes.

Released Voicebanks

Dunder_Intercalaris α (Release date: June 11th 2022)
Dunder_Intercalaris α is the alpha version of Dunder_Intercalaris. It is a “Dark” Japanese CVVC voicebank. This version only includes 1 pitches and it’s OTO still needs some fine tuning.


The following voicebanks are currently in development
Dunder_Mercedonius is a “Dark” English ARPA voicebank. It will be released in beta whenever the OTO is finished.
Dunder_Intercalaris is a “Dark” Japanese CVVC voicebank. A 2-pitch alpha version has been released, with the full version to come at a later date.
An Enunu Voicebank similar to Intercalaris
An Diffusion SVC bank for Dunder
A Diffusion SVC bank trained on Intercalaris Samples.


The following voicebanks are discontinued, and there are no plans to bring them back:
Dunder_CV (Dunder_Aki, Dunder_Natsu, Dunder_Haru, Dunder_Fuyu, Dunder_Genesis)
These were a set a 5 CV voicebanks I recorded when I was like 15, the OTO wasn’t the best and as I was a minor when they were recorded, it was ultimately for the best to discontinue them.
This was just a set of me saying phrases for use in song, as with Dunder_CV, I was 15, but also I was REALLY bad at voice acting so the samples were also just bad.


Dunder_Intercalaris α Demo

Demo usage of Dunder_Intercalaris α, in this demonstration the voicebank is only 1 pitch, and it’s OTO still needs some fine tuning.
The UST was made by Lucifer/Chelsea, and uses their tuning as well.
(This cover will no longer be featured when the commercial license becomes available for purchase)

Dunder_Intercalaris+ Demo

Publicly released test of Dunder_SVC (Intercalaris+).
The voicebank has around 2 hours of data and 130k steps, however the low range is nonexistent. It still funny to hear him sing tho.

Dunder_Intercalaris+ Test

Publicly released test of Dunder_SVC (Intercalaris+).
Tests of the voicebank in Japanese, Chinese, and English. Source data is only in Japanese. Same model as in the Emotions test.

Mercedonius 8% Test

Publicly released test of Dunder_Mercedonius.
This voicebank is going to be rerecorded entirely and the OTO shown in this video was only around 8% done. I’m really only keeping this demonstration up as proof that work has actually been done on it.
Regardless, this video should give you a decent idea of what Dunder’s English voicebank will sound like tone wise.

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