The Z Music Club

The main story of Z Vocal Project follows the Z Music Club, a group of 8 mysterious high school students carving their path to stardom by whatever means possible.
More will be revealed with the release of the first Z Vocal Project game.


Dunder: Club Leader
Lain: Co-Vice President
Dawn: Co-Vice President


The following is fully canon to Z Vocal Project:
Statements made on official Z Vocal Project sources managed by Dunder-P.
Lost School Z (2017) – This is a (bad) album released by Dunder-P in 2017 detailing some of the events that took place 16 years prior to Z Vocal Project.

The following is semi-canon to Z Vocal Project:
Off hand statements made by Z Vocal Project staff.
Gamer+ (2021) – The way this connects won’t make sense for some time.
Twitter Accounts – The official Z Vocal Project twitter accounts are somewhat canon, more on this below

Twitter Accounts

The following are official Z Vocal Project twitter accounts:
Lain (@LainNoumen)
Dawn (@DawnNoumen)
Dunder (@DunderAI)
(More tba)

Twitter account cannon:
The Z Vocal Project twitter accounts are semi-canon. Interactions are in-character, however they do not happen within the actual storyline of Z Vocal Project. Additionally anything said on them can and will be retconned, especially if it’s spoiler related, so don’t treat them as fact, especially interactions not with members of the Z Music Club.