Dunder_Mercedonius Early Test Release

An early test of Dunder_Mercedonius has been released as an apology for the voicebank’s delay. This voicebank is still in extremely early stages and does not sound anywhere near it’s final quality. This demonstration is merely to serve as an example of the voicebank’s tone. Many aspects of what’s been demonstrated are still subject to change.

Why is Dunder_Mercedonius being delayed?
Dunder_Mercedonius has been delayed as a result of my computer’s power supply overheating and corrupting my hard drive along with it at the start of January. As a result I was unable to work on Mercedonius over my winter break, and as this is my last semester of college, I may not have time to work on it at all til June.

Are these the final recordings?
Dunder_Mercedonius is going to have it’s public release when the OTO for these samples is finished. This will be versioned v.0.99, v.1.0 will release whenever I am able to fully rerecord Dunder_Mercedonius.

Why does he sound like Bonzi Buddy?
I wish I knew.