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Dunder_CV+ and Lain Noumen+ released for Diffsinger!

Sad Boy and Mask Man take on a new era! Hello Everyone! Following Today’s release of Lain Noumen Natural for OpenUTAU, we have finished the steps needed to releases Lain Noumen+ ~Proof of Concept~ (referred to as Lain Noumen Natural+ in a prior article)and Dunder_CV+ ~Proof of Concept~. These voicebanks are considered betas due to […]

Dunder_Aki Act II, Dunder_Natsu Act II & Dunder_Genesis Act II Released

Dunder_CV Act II’s full release! Hello everyone! Today we have released Dunder_Aki Act II, Dunder_Natsu Act II, and Dunder_Genesis Act II, completing the goal of releasing the quintet of voicebanks making up Dunder_CV Act II. Instead of the original plan of releasing the last 3 Dunder_CV one day at a time over the course of […]

Dunder α Type C Released for Z Idol Talker

A new Dunder! Hello Everyone! Today we are releasing an alpha version of a new Dunder talk voicebank over on the Z Idol Talker page! Please take a listen to the following, keeping in mind it is an Alpha release. The above is a voicebank we’re currently calling Dunder Type C, with this specific […]

Z Idol Talker v1.1.0β Update Released

Character Driven TTS Software from Z Vocal Project! Z Idol Talker by Dunder-P Hello! Long time no see (It’s been a super busy couple weeks) but I’ve decided to make up for my absence by finally releasing an update to Z Idol Talker I said would be added shortly after launch, alongside another goodie. Feel […]

Z Idol Talker Beta Release + v1.0.1β Update

Character Driven TTS Software from Z Vocal Project! Z Idol Talker by Dunder-P Hello everyone, if you’ve checked our website at all in the past month you might already be aware this is out, but if not, we released our new text to speech software “Z Idol Talker” on November 9th 2023! The program was […]

Z Vocal Project 7th Anniversary!!

7 Years!! Hello everyone, today marks the 7th anniversary of Z Vocal Project. Hard to believe so much time has gone by since I started this silly little site but we’re here! In this article I will go over some recent releases and what’s being worked on. Introducing the Club Room The club room is […]