Dunder_Haru Act II Released!!

Power is key!

Last post I said Dunder_CV Act II wouldn’t be done before the 7th anniversary but then I looked at the files and realized 3/4 unreleased voicebanks were either just waiting on art or fully oto’d soo…. Dunder_Haru Act II will release today on Dunder’s 6&3/4 Birthday!!! (This event will not repeat).

A Spring up for Dunder_Haru!

Dunder_Haru Act II in OpenUTAU

Dunder_Haru Act II is the successor to the original Dunder_Haru, and actually has some power to him this time. He consists only of one pitch (B3) but can still cover most songs well. When all of Dunder_CV’s voicebanks are out, an update will be released allowing you to use him as a voice color in Dunder_Genesis Act II, which will give him the lower range you may be looking for. Haru Act II may also get new pitches in the future, but it’ll have to wait until I have time to scream without waking anyone up.

You can find samples of Dunder_Haru Act II on the Club Room page, but I’ll post his “最後にもう一度聞かせてください” demo below for convenience.

最後にもう一度聞かせてください – Dunder Haru Act II

Additionally, to celebrate this glorious 3/4ths birthday, here’s the “最後にもう一度聞かせてください” demos of Natsu Act II, Genesis Act II, and Aki Act II. And as a bonus I’ll even throw in the ones for the VCV bank I’m working on, but keep in mind it only has the auto-generate moresampler oto.

最後にもう一度聞かせてください – Dunder Natsu Act II
最後にもう一度聞かせてください – Dunder Genesis Act II
最後にもう一度聞かせてください – Dunder Aki Act II
最後にもう一度聞かせてください – Dunder_Solstice ALPHA (Low Pitch)
最後にもう一度聞かせてください – Dunder_Solstice ALPHA (High Pitch)

Natsu, Genesis, and Aki all sound relative similar to each other in the demos, and their differences really only manifest in pitch transitions I can’t really showcase rn, but I promise that at the very least, Natsu does sound distinct in proper use (Aki and Genesis are really just situational).
As for the VCV voicebank Solstice, it is a Light/Falsetto voicebank I recorded earlier today and I hope I can get it out soon. He has pitches at G3 and A4 and can fit a variety of songs. Unless things change, he will be using the same design as Dunder Type C. And as for Haru’s design…

Dunder Spring Design is here

This is Dunder’s Spring design, and the design all future standalone Power voicebanks will derive from (No promises cause as you can probably tell I like to give this motherfucker unique designs for every voicebank). It is meant to be relatively simple, with him changing out of his usual heavy suit into lighter formal-wear. He also has a key-ring with a little plushy on it, will this plushy be elaborated on further? Who knows!

What’s Next?

In terms of Dunder_CV Act II releases, it will probably go Natsu-> Aki-> Genesis, with Genesis releasing alongside Dunder_CV Complete, containing all 5 of the boys, specifically labeled for being used together.
What may break up those releases is a new voicebank for Lain/the first voicebank under his new name of “Lain Noumen”, if all goes well. He is now being voiced by Nobody (Didn’t make a proper introduction post but he’s a new member of the ZVP team), at least for this voicebank. I will do my best to coach him on pronunciation but he’s new to this kinda stuff. As a reminder, Lain’s old VP is not part of the ZVP team anymore and any voicebanks they voiced have not been up for years.
I may try for Dunder voice sample pack for the 7th anniversary, but every time I’ve tried recording it I’ve thrown out the samples cause I can’t voice act and they sound bad.
Anyways bye for now, see you today/tomorrow for the next release maybe.