Lain Noumen Natural released!

Sad Boy in a new Decade

Hello Everyone! Today we have released Lain Noumen Natural for OpenUTAU!! This marks the second member of the Z Music Club to receive a voicebank since we pruned them all a couple years ago, and hopefully more will come soon.


For Lain Noumen Natural, we have designed Lain wearing casualwear, as opposed to the existing designs of his school uniform and “song” design (may end up retired if I can’t figure out what to do with that one). He wears a jean jacket. a cool graphic shirt, and cuffed-up jeans. I want to develop Lain more as a character, and I feel like before Lain was very 1 dimensionally sad, and I want to try and make there be more to his character than that. I wanted Lain’s new design to math that of someone who tries to look put-together, but you can tell isn’t happy.


Lain Noumen Natural is recorded by his new VP “Nobody” (Alias, sorry about how confusing that is). He is recorded in 2 pitches (~C3 and ~G3) and has an American accent. He is not voice acted and his tone most closely resembles Nobody’s natural singing voice. Below is a sample of the voicebank’s “最後にもう一度聞かせてください” demo.

最後にもう一度聞かせてください – Lain Noumen Natural

Additionally, I am very happy to announce we are working on a “+” voicebank for him that will hopefully release in the coming days. The last time we used the + moniker was for Dunder_Intercalaris+, a Diff-SVC voicebank trained on UTAU output, in a similar vain, Lain Noumen Natural+ is a Diffsinger voicebank trained on UTAU output. By Combining Lain’s raw samples with English data from Dunder’s unreleased Diffsinger voicebank, we are able to give Lain Noumen the ability to speak English without recording new data. Below is his Fool’s Game Demo and an untuned snippet of him in Impostor For All Eternity: Hrabov, these demos use a version of Lain Noumen Natural+ made before Lain Noumen Natural’s G3 pitch was recorded, and will hopefully be replicatable as a voice color.


Ascenia and Dunder_CV will also be getting this treatment if the training goes well (Ascenia needs her OTO cleaned, but Dunder_CV+ is being trained alongside the final Lain Noumen Natural+ version).


I have created new Logos for Lain to celebrate his new release. Dawn has also had a logo created, but I cannot stress enough she does not have a voice provider currently and no + voicebank is being trained on her old voicebank or anything like that, the AI variant of her logo is purely hypothetical.


Lain’s License can be purchased for 15 US Dollars on once everything’s set up on the back end. As with Dunder and Ascenia, you DO NOT need to pay to download the voicebanks, this is purely for the commercial license. I am going to revise Dunder and Ascenia’s licenses and then do Lain’s cause the current ones are based heavily on some SV ones and that’s probably not ok. It’ll probably be a more simple plain text version of what I’ve communicated with the current ones and not revoke any permissions.
Lain will have Community Copies just like Dunder (can’t remember if I set that up for Ascenia or not), and additionally Lain’s VP will be getting a 50% cut of license sales. I think proper voice provider royalties are very important for this kind of stuff and this will hopefully be the split any Z Vocal Project products maintain with their VPs in the future.
As a result of the voice provider not just being me this time, $15 was chosen even though he currently has fewer voicebanks than Ascenia. I may look into having appends made in the future to help justify this price, but ultimately it’s just for safety reasons.

Anyways that’s it for this article, see you tomorrow maybe, Bye Bii~