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Z Idol Talker Beta Release + v1.0.1β Update

Character Driven TTS Software from Z Vocal Project! Z Idol Talker by Dunder-P Hello everyone, if you’ve checked our website at all in the past month you might already be aware this is out, but if not, we released our new text to speech software “Z Idol Talker” on November 9th 2023! The program was […]

Z Vocal Project 7th Anniversary!!

7 Years!! Hello everyone, today marks the 7th anniversary of Z Vocal Project. Hard to believe so much time has gone by since I started this silly little site but we’re here! In this article I will go over some recent releases and what’s being worked on. Introducing the Club Room The club room is […]

Dunder_Mercedonius AI Alpha, Dunder_Intercalaris AI Beta, and Dunder_Pocket released

Those British twinks said it would never happened, but I fucking did it, I’ve released more Dunder voicebanks upon the world hahahahahah!!!!!! Fuck you!!!! 3 Dunder Voicebanks for the price of none!! (Non-commercially) I have A LOT going on right now and while I’m probably gonna shit out a cover of my song Hard Drive […]

Dunder_Pocket Demos released!

It seems like every 2 days I’m writing a damn news post now. But yeah, I saw a tweet on Retrieval Based Voice Conversion (RVC) and immediately stopped what I was doing to train Dunder_Pocket since the only thing preventing Dunder_Pocket from existing was the updated colab notebooks being impossible to access. Even though Dunder_Pocket […]

Dunder_Mercedonius AI Test Samples + Preparement for Beta Release

If you read the last article you may be wonder how the hell Dunder_Mercedonius AI has samples already. Simply put while waiting for Dunder_Intercalaris AI to train I managed to record an hour of English data and then stumbled upon PixPrucer’s autolabeling notebook, and after bulk renaming phonemes in Notepad++ I was just immediately able […]