Dunder_Aki Act II, Dunder_Natsu Act II & Dunder_Genesis Act II Released

Dunder_CV Act II’s full release!

All 5 Dunder_CV Act II voicebanks inside of OpenUtau

Hello everyone! Today we have released Dunder_Aki Act II, Dunder_Natsu Act II, and Dunder_Genesis Act II, completing the goal of releasing the quintet of voicebanks making up Dunder_CV Act II. Instead of the original plan of releasing the last 3 Dunder_CV one day at a time over the course of this week, I instead opted to skip the 12th and release them all on today, March 13th! I still have to combine them all into Dunder_CV Act II Complete, but that will come at a later date as finals are coming up, and I think I have to manually add new prefixes to all of them.

Here they are

With Aki, Natsu, and Haru, I decided to return to the way I did Dunder’s mask on the original Dunder_CV, however Fuyu was released several months ago when I was planning on abandoning that. I may update Fuyu’s art in the future to match better with the rest of the lineup. Dunder_Genesis Act II may also get new art as this was an old project file, and when I loaded it up to shade it I had, for whatever reason, drawn his left arm clipping inside of his body with the hand looking like it was just floating? I think I trusted the anatomy of the Clip Studio Paint model a little too much orz.

Dunder_Aki Act II is a monopitch soft CV voicebank, Dunder_Genesis Act II is a bipitch dark CV voicebank, and Dunder_Natsu Act II is a bipitch “Joyful” CV voicebank. They sound relatively similar to each other and when to use one over the other is more of a situational and range thing. Aki’s logical range is F#2~A3, Genesis’s logical range is E2~G4, and Natsu’s logical range is G#2~G#4.
Since I showed off their main Club Room samples in the last news post, here are their secondary Club Room samples “Summer is Over”. Keep in mind that “Summer is Over” is meant to showcase OpenUTAU’s EN to JA phonemizer and these are CV voicebanks.

Dunder_Aki Act II “Summer is Over”
Dunder_Genesis Act II “Summer is Over”
Dunder_Natsu Act II “Summer is Over”

Anyways, you can now download all of these voicebanks using the link below. (I know the widget says $30 but that’s ONLY for the commercial license, all voicebanks can be freely downloaded if you scroll down to demos)

One more thing!

As I will probably be burn out from finals this may be my only chance to show off Lain’s new voicebank for a bit (Or it’ll release this weekend who knows) but regardless, Nobody has recorded the first pitch of a voicebank tentatively named Lain Noumen Natural. I did my best to coach him on pronunciation while we recorded this over a Discord call and I think he did a pretty swell job.

For a sample, here is a plug and play cover of Identity by Kanaria, with the UST and tuning by Mimisan15 (We are not affiliated with either). Lain Noumen Natural takes Gumi’s part, and Dunder_Haru Act II takes Miku’s part. No adjustments were made to the file itself, but growl was added during mixing.


See y’all soon if I’m not burn out for either Lain Noumen Natural’s or Dunder_Solstice’s release.