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Dunder_CV+ and Lain Noumen+ released for Diffsinger!

Sad Boy and Mask Man take on a new era! Hello Everyone! Following Today’s release of Lain Noumen Natural for OpenUTAU, we have finished the steps needed to releases Lain Noumen+ ~Proof of Concept~ (referred to as Lain Noumen Natural+ in a prior article)and Dunder_CV+ ~Proof of Concept~. These voicebanks are considered betas due to […]

Dunder_Aki Act II, Dunder_Natsu Act II & Dunder_Genesis Act II Released

Dunder_CV Act II’s full release! Hello everyone! Today we have released Dunder_Aki Act II, Dunder_Natsu Act II, and Dunder_Genesis Act II, completing the goal of releasing the quintet of voicebanks making up Dunder_CV Act II. Instead of the original plan of releasing the last 3 Dunder_CV one day at a time over the course of […]