Dunder_CV Act II Complete Released

It’s here!

Last post I said I would release this later but I found out you can just append Aliases in SetParam so Dunder_CV Act II Complete is actually ready to release today lol.

Dunder_CV Act II Complete Portrait


Dunder_CV Act II Complete in OpenUTAU

Dunder_CV Act II Complete is a singular voicebank for OpenUTAU comprised of all 5 Dunder_CV Act II voicebanks. By using it’s voice colors you can switch between all 5 voicebanks, alongside some special voice colors that allow for some automatic interactivity between the 5. Switching between voice colors can be done manually, however the voice colors for each individual pitch do not exist. The voice colors present are as follows:

  • Default
    • Transitions between Dunder_Genesis, Dunder_Haru, and Dunder_Fuyu
  • Aki
    • Functions identically to Dunder_Aki Act II
  • Aki+
    • Transitions between Dunder_Aki and Dunder_Fuyu
  • Fuyu
    • Functions identically to Dunder_Fuyu Act II’s default voice color.
  • Genesis
    • Functions identically to Dunder_Genesis Act II’s default voice color.
  • Genesis+
    • Transitions between Dunder_Aki and Dunder_Fuyu
  • Haru
    • Functions identically to Dunder_Haru Act II.
  • Haru+
    • Transitions between Dunder_Genesis and Dunder_Haru.
  • Natsu
    • Functions identically to Dunder_Natsu Act II’s default voice color.
  • Natsu+
    • Transitions between Dunder_Natsu and Dunder_Fuyu.

Colors may be removed, added, or otherwise altered based on user feedback. Please note voice colors only work in OpenUTAU and Dunder_CV Act II Complete’s sub banks have been stripped of their OpenUTAU configs (As in it’s not a compilation of the 5, it’s its own separate voicebank using the same data.)


I don’t feel like giving the + and default voice colors their own demos, mainly because the Club Room demos for the individual banks should suffice well enough. In place of that I’ve made a short little demo using all 5 voicebanks together.
It’s titled demo version but idk if I’ll actually make this into a full song, I made this in like 20 minutes and it was originally just going to be a new clubroom sample. Aki is the main vocal, Haru and Genesis are L/R harms, Natsu is Low harm and Fuyu is high harm.

(I should also mention it’s lyrics were originally place holder Japanese ones but DeepL’s translation into English was kinda raw so regardless of if they actually make sense or not I kept them)


Anyways back to finals, Bye Bii~