TeeSpring Launched + This site has Ads now

What’s popping, just a quick update to inform people that I’ve set up a TeeSpring to sell some merchandise of the Z Vocal Project characters. This currently only has some designs of Dunder_Mercedonius, but will likely contain some more in the future.

I may also add some new products to the physical goods store soon, it depends on what my budget is the next few months, as I have to save money for something…

Why are there Ads on some of the pages now?
If people don’t like this I’ll remove them, just using them as a way to make some extra money. Don’t click on anything that says download!!! I’ve intentionally left ads off of the character pages to prevent confusion. If you get a virus or anything please let me know IMMEDIATELY and I will turn off Adsense, I don’t know how thoroughly Google scans their ads.