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2022 Art Update

Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Thanksgiving. After practicing a new shading style for the first half of this month by way of Zealous Villain Project, I’ve decided to update the art for all the Z Vocal Project characters aside from Dunder. Some characters are still just in their Z Vocal Project outfits, and that is because I don’t […]

Z Vocal Project 6th Anniversary!!

6 years of Z Vocal Project!! Wow, the years have really flown by. The date I’m choosing for the anniversary is 9/26 and as far as anyone is concerned the website was founded on 9/26/2016. This is the earliest date Z Vocal Project is mentioned in my email and I do not know when the […]

TeeSpring Launched + This site has Ads now

What’s popping, just a quick update to inform people that I’ve set up a TeeSpring to sell some merchandise of the Z Vocal Project characters. This currently only has some designs of Dunder_Mercedonius, but will likely contain some more in the future. I may also add some new products to the physical goods store soon, […]

Z Vocal Project 2021 Relaunch

Hello! After about 5 months of downtime I’m finally ready to relaunch the Z Vocal Project site. Sorry it took so long!!! If you’ve been here before you’ve probably noticed we took down all our UTAU banks. I originally planned to keep them up until they were phased out with their new professional banks, but […]