Z Vocal Project 6th Anniversary!!

6 years of Z Vocal Project!!

Wow, the years have really flown by. The date I’m choosing for the anniversary is 9/26 and as far as anyone is concerned the website was founded on 9/26/2016. This is the earliest date Z Vocal Project is mentioned in my email and I do not know when the original Weebly site was created, so even though this date may be off by months, it’s what I’m going with.
Z Vocal Project is not nearly as far along as I would’ve hoped it to be by now, but since I’m done with college I will hopefully be able to change that in the future.
I created a new piece of art to celebrate the 6th anniversary, as I can’t afford to commission someone right now. It’s kinda half-assed and the poses were taken directly from a stock photo, but I tried my best. I used some new rendering techniques that came out kinda eh.


Roadmap – Everything is subject to change

This is my current roadmap through the next year for Z Vocal Project. These deadlines are subject to change depending on how bad my headaches are. I have to see a neurologist in December, hopefully everything goes all right. If not, just a reminder that Z Vocal Project becomes public domain when I die, please carry on my legacy if it pleases you.
I’m not intentionally omitting the name of the new voicebank, I just don’t know at this point in time. It’ll probably either be Kiyana or Lain depending on if I’ve found an engine or not.
Dunder Talk is put in the future category as my current plan is to release it for NeuTalk, which is unfortunately still in Development. I do have a Dunder themed program for using TacoTron 2 VBs partially completed, but because I don’t know how Python works, it’s currently a 2GB executable that doesn’t load images properly and is super janky

The janky ass program when it’s compiled

Needless to say, this only exists for testing purposes.

Thank you for your continued support of Z Vocal Project!

There aren’t a ton of you out there, but if you’ve been keeping up with Z Vocal Project, thank you! Having even a few people interested in Z Vocal Project is more than I could ask for. To finish this post off, here is concept art for Dunder AI, tentatively named Dunder_LUV

The current concept isn’t all that different beyond the greens being exchanged for purples and pinks. Dunder’s schoolbag is meant to resemble a sort of quiver, and most other changes are pretty straight forward. This is not final, and a more drastic change may be made for the final design of Dunder AI.