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2022 Art Update

Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Thanksgiving. After practicing a new shading style for the first half of this month by way of Zealous Villain Project, I’ve decided to update the art for all the Z Vocal Project characters aside from Dunder. Some characters are still just in their Z Vocal Project outfits, and that is because I don’t […]

Nothing Scarier Than a Villain!

Happy Halloween!! We are still very hard at work developing new voicebanks for Dunder and Ascenia. A decision has been made to focus on Dunder AI before Dunder_Intercalaris, but development is going smoothly, I hope to be able to share something soon. However, I’d like to use this occasion to announce something different. Introducing Zealous […]

Z Vocal Project 6th Anniversary!!

6 years of Z Vocal Project!! Wow, the years have really flown by. The date I’m choosing for the anniversary is 9/26 and as far as anyone is concerned the website was founded on 9/26/2016. This is the earliest date Z Vocal Project is mentioned in my email and I do not know when the […]

The Website is Back Up!

Sorry for the interruption, apparently I forgot to actually set up the SSL when I switched the site over to cloudflare lol. I don’t think anyone actually checks this site (Mainly because all the voicebanks were taken down) but I’m working on a Dunder ENUNU bank as an April Fool’s Joke (The joke is that […]