Z Vocal Project Dunder Commercial License Released!

Cutting it close, but I finally typed out Dunder’s Commercial License! (And by typed out I mean modified the shit out of Solaria’s please don’t rat me out!!) If you have ever wanted to use Dunder commercially, now you can!

As stated prior, this license covers both Dunder_Intercalaris voicebanks and Dunder_Pocket, but does not cover Dunder_Mercedonius due to restrictions on his header. The Dunder Sample Pack is still being recorded, so please give that a bit more time, it ended up being way more of an undertaking than I thought it would be!!

For pricing I went with a recommended $50 and minimum of $30, this is solely because Dunder_Pocket is an RVC voicebank and even with the monetary restrictions that are mentioned in the licensed I still don’t think I should charge less than that. I know that with the current state of the other voicebanks $30 seems like a lot and I am working to rectify that soon.
When you go to Dunder’s Itch.io page from now on you will see a “Buy Now” button with a $30 price tag. Please be aware that’s only for the license and the voicebanks are still free, located in the Download demo section!

Part of how I will be rectifying the price issue is with the development of new Dunder voicebanks! The first of these voicebanks are Japanese and English Diffsinger ports of the ENUNU banks. Japanese needs more high range data before I can show you anything, but English’s main fault is timing data caused by it being autolabeled so I’m comfortable showcasing it here:

SVP by Cillia

These voicebanks will essentially be developed alongside the updates for the ENUNU banks. I have a workaround for the colab notebooks breaking with the python update but I think it uses a lot more colab credits than usual so I may hold off on training until those get fixed (I’ll probably record more data soon tho).
While I wait for that to happen I will be working on 2 things, the aforementioned Dunder Sample Pack, and… Dunder_CV Act II!! Aki, Fuyu, Natsu, Haru and Genesis will all get new voicebanks and their own designs probably. Hopefully I can get them out soon.
I’m also considering making some like, paid Dunder Sample Packs just to practice Voice acting and shit. They’ll be formatted to work with Pit-a-g-o-e unless I find out it’d get me in legal trouble.

Anyways, thanks for reading! Might see you sooner than later if I decide to get off my ass and package up Ascenia for release.