Dunder_Mercedonius AI Alpha, Dunder_Intercalaris AI Beta, and Dunder_Pocket released

Those British twinks said it would never happened, but I fucking did it, I’ve released more Dunder voicebanks upon the world hahahahahah!!!!!! Fuck you!!!! 3 Dunder Voicebanks for the price of none!! (Non-commercially) I have A LOT going on right now and while I’m probably gonna shit out a cover of my song Hard Drive […]

Dunder_Mercedonius AI Test Samples + Preparement for Beta Release

If you read the last article you may be wonder how the hell Dunder_Mercedonius AI has samples already. Simply put while waiting for Dunder_Intercalaris AI to train I managed to record an hour of English data and then stumbled upon PixPrucer’s autolabeling notebook, and after bulk renaming phonemes in Notepad++ I was just immediately able […]