Z Vocal Project 2021 Relaunch


After about 5 months of downtime I’m finally ready to relaunch the Z Vocal Project site. Sorry it took so long!!!

If you’ve been here before you’ve probably noticed we took down all our UTAU banks. I originally planned to keep them up until they were phased out with their new professional banks, but due to various circumstances I ended up deciding it was for the best to just take them down for the time being. Please be aware that we have cut ties with Lain’s old voice actor and have purged anything they contributed to this project.

That said, I will hopefully be updating the Dunder UTAU voicebank by the end of this year! The current plan is to make a Japanese VCV bank and an English ARPAsing bank, both having the same tone as Dunder_Genesis did. I’m also considering updating Dunder_CV but that’s not 100% certain yet. These voicebanks will remain up even if I end up making a professional voicebank for Dunder. I’m really busy with a capstone right now, so I can’t say for certain when it’ll release, but stay tuned for an announcement.

I also finally made official art for every member of the Z Music Club! I didn’t make any for Dunder but that’s because I have some commissioned by better artists. This current art features everyone in their school uniforms. Eventually I will also be making art of them in casual and idol outfits where applicable, but for the time being you all finally get to have an idea of what these characters look like!

There’s a lot more I wanna say but I’m just gonna leave it at this for now. Thanks for reading this, I’m glad to be back.