Z Vocal Project MMD Models Released

Yo!!! Very brief post to let you know we released MMD models of Dunder, Lain, and Dawn today!

These models can be used commercially as long as you own the character’s corresponding license. As you can only buy Dunder’s commercial license for the time being, please contact us if you desire to use the others commercially.
These models were made in vroid to test the engine, and although we’re considering them a full release, they will be redone eventually to fix textures and all that. Kiyana will probably be up shortly, her hair physics are just messed up right now.

I also made this Anri model as a test, I need to figure out where the hell I’m putting the link to this (probably Zealous Villain Project??), but she’s also up as a $2 download. She’s a paid download on account of being another company’s character and cause it’s within the terms of her SynthV license to sell it.

Thanks for reading

Anyways, working on getting the Dunder Voice Pack out, sorry it’s taking so long, I decided to go back for my master’s so it’s been a bit hectic. I think I forgot to post about it but Dunder_Fuyu ACT II is available for download. See you next month(?) for the 7th anniversary of Z Vocal Project, maybe sooner idk.