Dunder_Intercalaris has started development!

I have finished college which means I have time to record and do OTOs now!!! I’ve recorded the first pitch of Dunder_Intercalaris, and will hopefully be able to release him by the end of the month! A decision was made to make him CVVC instead of VCV, however, there is still a possibility of a VCV voicebank release in the future.
I have rendered a sample of the voicebank in it’s 1 pitch state, this is using a moresampler generated OTO that has yet to be cleaned in OpenUTAU using Worldline-R. The original VSQx was made by Lucifer and was ported directly into OpenUTAU with no modification. Engine noise should be significantly reduced by the time development is finished!

Vsqx by Lucifer

Additionally, several one-pitch OpenUTAU compatible voice colors will be included with the Dunder_Intercalaris. The first of which is Dunder_Thankful, the CVVC version of Dunder_Aki (Soft voicebank). Dunder_Thankful, and any other voice colors we include, will also get their own standalone releases to make using them easier. Below is a sample of Dunder_Thankful, this isn’t tuned, and his OTO needs a lot more fixing than Dunder_Intercalaris’s

Base MIDI from YamahaMusicData